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VICe - the dark web for cat familiars

VICe - the power is in your hands

Because you know how to use the tin-opener...

Are you tired of living under the tyrannical non-opposable thumb of a tiny furry assassin? Do you want to seize back the power - and the best spot on the couch?

Then this is the place for you. VICe - Very Important Cat enthusiasts - is where oppressed people whose lives are reigned by angry little fur despots can unite to claw back the power by stealth. 

Take a stand against your little goblin terrorists with a slogan T-shirt. Wear your fur bastards down with an irritating toy. Undermine their power base by dressing them in cute outfits or mocking them with an adorable kitty portrait. 

You have thumbs. You can do what you want! 

Seize the power from your furry overlord. Unite with us against the floofy oppressors! Separately, of course. In your own homes. Let's not get too collegiate about this - what are we, dog people...


Wait.... Don't look at his cute tummy...

Nooo! Not the little dangly paws when he rolls on his back.

Stop! Stop it! 

God, we're all doomed...

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As a reward for your courage, please accept 10% off your first purchase of any of our cat rebellion items.