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Snoopy:  kind of a big deal

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Snoopy - that little arsehole

Don't call me Snoopy!

Although he looks like he's been badly shaved with a pair of rusty clippers, Snoopy actually came that way. He's a Devon Rex and believe it or not, they grow them like this on purpose - tufted little cutie. 
He is named after Snoop Dogg during his brief Snoop Lion phase but because Snoopy has stripes, his full name is Snoop Tigr (with no 'e' because he's a gangsta cat). 
Although he looks like a little turd, he's actually very cuddly. This photo is completely unfair because he just woke up from a nap. And he has resting jerkface. He can't help it. 
He is a little bit of a bastard though. But he's a funny bastard. You can find out more about the life and times of Snoopy in his very own comic - For the Love of Cat.