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Fk You Hoomin Cat Watch

Designer: kittyshopofhorrors


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Cat bling
No, it's not when you put a crystal over your cat's butthole - but have you seen that? It's a blessing not to have to look at the ostentatious freckle. Cat bling is when you get a gangsta watch like this with crystals on it and an angry little fur bastard. What's not to love!

Snoop Tigr's review
Look at it! LOOK. AT. IT. The freckle, that is. You know you want to...


  • Case material: Metal
  • Band Material:Imitation Leather
  • Watchband: Approx 23.5cm(Length)*2cm(Width) / 9.3"(Length)*0.8"(Width)
  • Diameter of watch case: 3.5cm *1cm(Thickness)/ 1.4*0.39"
  • Daily Water Resistant (not for swimming or showering): Yes